Documenting my journey to carry on quilting through the loss of my sight.

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My second round of quilting on the mock blocks.

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  • Block Five – Hexagons
    Hexagons. I have to say there is nothing special about hexagons when you take the basic shape. Cut them from different fabrics, arranger them in different colour scheme and you get totally different looking quilts. I guess the most recognisable is called grandmothers garden. As English paper piecing goes it’s […]
  • Block Four – Trip around the world
    I love this block, it has such a lovely name for a basic seven patch block. It’s all about the colour and how you arrange it. Looking at the above block you wouldn’t think it was trip around the world. I outlined what I saw and I saw Tetris shapes. […]
  • A little modifying going on!
    I had a little brain wave! So they are don’t happen very often but this was a good one. There had to be a better way for me to see what I was sewing. Although the magnifiers I am using work. Well as far as their magnificent will allow, I […]